Our strategic basis for sustainability

Our new strategy statement says that we make high performance products for a clean and healthy environment. Our sustainability promise lies in that.

Our sustainability promise is to respond to the global megatrends - environmental awareness, resource scarcity and demographics and urbanization -  by developing high performance fiber-based products and materials that help save resources and reduce the impact of human activity on the environment. At the same time we aim to minimize the environmental impacts we create during manufacturing. With sustainability in mind, we make products that respond to wider societal needs creating shared value. 

We help support the health and well-being of a rising and ageing population by making products that protect people, including medical fabrics, drapes and gowns, sterile barrier systems, and facemasks which protect against viruses, bacteria, particulates and fluids. They significantly reduce the risk of hospital-acquired infections, making life safer for clinicians and patients. 

We help reduce food waste by providing effective food packaging made from 100% renewable resources, which is also compostable. 

Our filtration products that purify air and liquids help to reduce environmental pollution and cut energy consumption. For example, as water is getting scarcer, our Ahlstrom Disruptor® water filtration media can operate in regions where there is no energy supply, and without the need for chemicals. The Ahlstrom XAIR helps to reduce fuel consumption in vehicles and leads to lower CO2emissions.    

Our products that provide surface and structure include wallcoverings, floorings, building panels and wind turbine blades. Our specialty glassfiber reinforcements help to generate renewable energy as an essential component of wind turbine blades. They also help to lower CO2 emissions by providing a lighter weight solution for many forms of transport.    

Sustainability is at the heart of our business.

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