Our commitments

We are committed to advance sustainable development inside and outside Ahlstrom.

It is ‘work in progress’ in many areas with a goal to make sure we leave a decent world to our children. Our most important social target is safety. We want our people to return home the same as they were coming to work.

Our economic impacts reach to every continent in the world. Be it in sourcing raw materials, employing people or manufacturing and selling products. We are committed to doing all that responsibly, following our framework for ethics.

Every human activity has an impact on the environment. Knowing ours and reducing it in our operations and products forms the core of our sustainability activity. We think that making products that are truly needed by people; are ‘products with purpose’ has a better social justification to use the planet’s limited resources. With that, we want to do more with less, reducing the negative footprint of our operations and maximizing the positive impacts of our products.

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